Dear Customers

With regrets I have to inform you that Food Business Solution Inc., also known as “Swiss Pastries” was evicted from there manufacturing building at 1423 Star Top Rd. in Ottawa from the former Company owner and Landlord Connie Zuberbuehler in a dawn raid on Friday night 10th, 2017 at midnight. Refusing the access to the production facility Connie Zuberbuehler destroyed within minutes the workplace of over 50 employees who were working partially more than 30 years for Swiss Pastries and the legacy of her father Hans Zuberbuehler.

Slowly it works out for me that the sales of Swiss Pastries to me as the new owner was part of a larger plan of Connie Zuberbuehler to close down the more and more unprofitable business and to evade her responsibility towards the employees. After closing the sales contract with me without disclosing so many hidden defects it seems to be that Connie Zuberbuehler was only waiting for a chance to close down the production plant located at 1423 Star Top Road which belongs to her. The production building is sitting on a very interesting property from an real-estate developer perspective. My company was never in a default of the lease payment or payments on the sales contract. It was the first time that our lease payment was delayed for 5 days after changing our payment transactions. 

Previous to the eviction I have tried for an entire year to get in contact with Connie Zuberbuehler concerning serious infringements of the purchase and sales agreement. I was quiet concerned about serious issues that where not disclosed at all from the previous owner Connie Zuberbuehler when signing the sales contract. These have ranged from illegal employees to unpaid bills in a 6 digit value of orders Connie Zuberbuehler placed months before the take over. Since the day of the Takeover I lost hundreds of thousand dollars by compensating the infringements of the purchase and sales contract which blocked me to carry out the necessary investments in the 4 stores of Swiss Pastries.

In the last 12 months, also with the help of a lawyer I requested more times an appointment with Connie Zuberbuehler to resolve the issues. I never got an appointment neither any answer regarding my questioning concerning missing copies of documents.

On February 9, 2017 I advised Connie Zuberbuehler that I'm forced now to take legal action against her because I was interpreting her behavior to be fishy at least.

Only one day later on February 10, 2017 Connie Zuberbuehler changed the locks in a dawn raid at midnight to Saturday with the help of a private security company and published a landlord's notice with an immediate termination of the lease.

From this moment on I had no access to the signed paychecks and all the company records including the evidence for the court case against Connie Zuberbuehler. On Wednesday 15, 2017 I was allowed by Connie Zuberbuehler and her husband to pick up my private property from my office in their presence. The access to the offices, in which are stored all paperwork as company documents and employee records, was refused, even the access to the computers. By refusing the access to the company files and records Connie Zuberbuehler incapacitates me and the business of Swiss Pastries was serious damaged. She even didn't allow me the access to the company cheques to pay my employees!

It is also remarkable that Connie distributes obvious wrong information to the press, that I had announced to her not paying rent anymore. This is not correct, but is also fitting in my mind into the entire picture of the situation. A statement of mine to the press was not published yet.

We had great future plans with Swiss Pastries and my business consultant found investors that wanted to buy into the business. Just on Friday, 8 hours before the eviction I had a great meeting with 2 consultants of BDC (Business Develop Bank Canada). They agreed to our future plans and agreed that there is a big potential in opening additional stores as well as in wholesale. I even was granted new credit lines for developing the business.

Now I lost the basis of my livelihood and the financial capability to take legal actions against Connie Zuberbuehler for all the infringements of the purchase and sales contract but I'm looking forward after the unexpected enormous support by my customers, suppliers and lawyers.

If you want to be updated about the development at Swiss Pastries please contact me under

Due to the fact that I have no access to vital information of my company I would like to gather the contact information of all my employees, suppliers and customers we were doing business with. If you have placed an online order after Friday 10, 2017, please contact me under

I regret all hardship this may cause, but it is not under my control any more. Working together with a great team does not deserve an end like this. Can you imagine all this because the lease payment was delayed for 5 days? 


Siegfried Heilemann

Director / Food Business Solution Inc.



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